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Week of 4/6/2020

Evan Beck reads Beautiful Oops:

  • Spring has sprung and flowers popping up everywhere. Let’s make our own BNS garden! Draw, paint, or color a flower for the BNS garden. Send a picture to me and I will use it to create a virtual garden! (Fine Motor Skills, Art, Imagination)
  • Make and decorate a rain stick with Mrs. Trotman: (Fine Motor, Sensory, Art, Music)

Week of 3/30/2020


Ms. Barbara reads I’m Sorry:

  • Make a sensory bin for your child to explore. Find a good size container (not too tall, enough room to really play) and fill with sand, dirt, or rice. Add a spoon, funnel, little containers to fill, and anything else fun you think your child would like to hide/find or scoop/pour. Some ideas include small animals, plastic letters, colored gems, rocks. You could start with plain white rice and your child could “color’ the rice with some watercolor or food coloring. Some children can explore bins like this, especially with sand, for a long time and it is very calming. (Fine Motor, Sensory, Social-Emotional)



Mr. Freeman reads What Do You Do With An Idea:

  • Each morning, make a “plan for the day” with your child. Write down the plan with words or pictures. Make sure to let them contribute an idea! (Print Awareness, Language and Literacy, Social-Emotional Development)
  • When your child encounters a problem in play- don’t rush in to offer a solution. Instead, ask thought-provoking questions, such as “What is the problem? What could we do to solve it?” Encourage your child to try different solutions until one works! (Problem Solving, Language and Communication, Social-Emotional Development)


Ms. Toner reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear 

  • Eric Carle used collage to make the beautiful artwork in his stories. Gather different art materials and glue and create your own collage. (Fine Motor Skills, Art, Creativity)
  • Move like the different animals in the story. (Pretend Play, Gross Motor, Cognition and Knowledge of the World)


Ms. Ellen Reads I Wanna Iguana:

  • With the help of a grownup, think of someone you love and write a letter to them. (Literacy, Language and Communication, Social-Emotional, Fine Motor)
  • If you could have any pet in the whole world, what kind of pet would it be? Draw a picture or find a picture online to color. Learn an interesting fact about that animal. (Imagination, Creativity, Fine Motor, Cognitive Thinking)
  • Gather some stuffed animals and make a pet store or shelter! Sort the animals in different groups. Pretend to adopt them! (Pretend Play, Social-Emotional, Language and Communication, Mathematical Thinking)


Keira Beck reads Silly Sally:

  • Rhyming is an important pre-literacy skills and there are lots of fun ways to practice this skills, such as reading funny rhyming books like Silly Sally! (Pre-Literacy, Social-Emotional)
  • Play a rhyming guessing game but putting a few objects in a basket or bag and giving clues. One of the clues could be…it rhymes with……(Pre-Literacy, Problem Solving)
  • Listen to “Down By the Bay” by Raffi and sing lots of Nursery Rhymes! (Music, Pre-Literacy)
  • Make Silly Sally puppets with your child. Print and cut out the animals and glue or tape them on popsicle sticks or sticks from outside! Throughout the play, ask questions to get your little one thinking: How many different animals were in the book? Which animal came first? Which animal danced the jig? Silly Sally Puppets

Week of 3/22/2020


  • Make Playdough with Ms. Barbara:     (Sensory, Science, Math, Fine Motor)
  • It looks to be a little grey this morning, so find a dark room to play with flashlights! There are so many cool things you can do with flashlights: make interesting shadows with different objects, make things big and small by moving them closer and farther from the light, put on music and have a light show! (Science, Sensory, Gross Motor)
  • Put on some rain boots and go outside on a worm hunt. Talk about how to careful with creatures smaller than you.(Outdoor Play,  Gross  Motor,  Science,  Social-Emotional)
  • Read “Hey, Little Ant”:


Mrs. Murphy reads Sammy the Seal:

Activity Idea:

  • Create a “zoo” in your own home by gathering toy animals or stuffed animals. You can create different areas for them with blocks or cardboard. Older children can make signs for the different areas. (Creativity, Problem Solving, Pretend Play, Literacy, Classification)
  • What is your child’s favorite animal at the zoo? Draw a picture together of that animal. Learn 3 interesting facts about that animal. (Problem Solving, Child-led Learning, Recall, Language and Communication, Fine Motor).
  • Make paper animals together and a paper zoo. My son’s art teacher made a video with some suggestions of ways to make moveable, paper animals/sculptures. It was made for elementary school children, but I think a lot of our older kids would love this activity! (Creativity, Problem Solving, Fine Motor, Pre-Writing Skills, Representational Art, Applying real world knowledge through pretend play).
  • Play animal charades! Take turns acting out different animals. Try not to use sounds (unless you are really stuck). My family loves charades and we usually end up in uncontrollable giggles at some point. You can use picture cards for those of you with children who are not yet reading. (Gross Motor Movements, Pre-literacy/Literacy skills, Social Interaction, Turn-Taking)
  • Sign on to Nature of Things and learn about some new animals.
    To join our Google Classroom, simply click this link:
    click the plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner, hit join class and enter our NEW class code: 2tjimlu.
    (@gmail account needed to access)


Mrs. Trotman reads The Little Hen:

Activity Idea: 

  • Okay…this is a messy one…but fun. If you happen to have yeast, you could follow a simple bread recipe with your little one. If you don’t have yeast you can pretend to make bread! Cover your table with a tablecloth, paper, or cardboard. Put out different sized measuring cups and spoons. Put out a large bowl of flour, a pitcher of water, cornstarch, and anything else your child can “mix” and let them go! My big kids used to LOVE scooping and pouring and making their own concoctions out of these inexpensive materials.
  • If you don’t want to use all these materials, have a different sensory experience with cornstarch and water. Pour a bunch of cornstarch in a bowl or pan and slowly add water until the cornstarch feels solid when you try to pick it up, but it turns to liquid in your hand. It is a really cool “States of Matter” sensory experience that is fun for all ages (even grown ups). Add food coloring or water color to make it more exciting!


Mr. Freeman reads Rainbow Fish:

Activity Idea: 

  • Think of something kind you can do for someone in your life. Maybe it is checking in with an older relative, leaving a cheerful note in someone’s mailbox, or doing something special for a brother or sister. It can be anything that will make someone you care about feel good!
  • Share your own special “gifts” with the people in your neighborhood. Decorate a rainbow, draw some flowers, or create any other picture that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Hang it on your front door so others can enjoy it when they walk or drive past your house!


Ms. Lili Sings some Favorite Songs:

Ms. Barbara reads All By Myself:

Activity idea: 

Have a scavenger hunt with your child. This can be as easy, or as challenging as you want because you will come up with the clues based on your child’s development. It could be as simple as “Go find something red” or more challenging like “Find something you use to take care of yourself.”

Once you have gathered a number of objects, you could sort them into different categories (colors, shapes, size, textures, purpose, etc). Which group has the most? Which group has the least? Can you sort them in different ways? Can you come up with a crazy story using all the objects?

When it is time to clean up, set a timer and see how quickly you can do it together! Have fun!


Week of 3/15/20


Maisy Goes Camping with Keira Beck:



St. Patrick’s Day Book with Ms. Toner:



Inch by Inch with Mrs. Myers:



Spring Book with Ms. Lisa:

Spring Craft with Ms. Barbara:



Yoga with Evan:

Pajama Time Book with Keira:

Mindfulness with Punita:

10 in the Bed Song with Mrs. B:





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