1947  The School was founded by a group of mothers

  • The school opened its doors in the Briarcliff Recreation Building under the direction of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Churchill
  • Tuition was $21 per month
  • The school moved two years later into the music room of the Law Mansion in Scarborough. In 1950, BNS was in the Bernard McFadden School in Ossining

DID YOU KNOW?   The idea of preschool was a bit radical. Critics believed that nursery schools were for working mothers only. They considered it a babysitting service for mothers who just wanted to “get rid of their children so they could drink cocktails and play bridge!” Luckily, the founding parents realized how important the early years are and persevered. They established a preschool based upon a solid understanding of early childhood development. Today we are bombarded with research that proves just how right they were.

1955  BNS finally acquired a permanent home

  • A former dance studio and our present-day location.
  • The school purchased the site for $11,000. The money came from an anonymous gift of $1,500, $3,000 in bank savings, and $6,500 in bonds purchased by the parents.
  • BNS received its New York State permanent charter in 1956.

DID YOU KNOW?   As the story goes, the building was owned by silent screen ball dancers. The office was their bedroom. They taught and filmed in the front and back rooms. The area under the loft in our back room was the camera pit.

1957  An addition was built that is now our 2’s classroom

  • The Gronauer family, whose children and grandchildren have attended BNS, donated $5,000.
  • David Bogdanoff, a builder and a BNS Dad, built the addition at cost.

DID YOU KNOW?  The school held 3 annual fundraising events; a Jingle Ball in December for parents, a social event for the entire community which was attended by over 400 people, and a carnival in the spring for the children.

1997  The School Celebrated its 50th Anniversary

  • The school celebrated with a gala at Sleepy Hollow Country Club.
  • The event was coordinated by BNS alumni and mother of two BNS students, Heather McVeigh. Her father was president of the Executive Committee from 1971-1972.

DID YOU KNOW?  Many alumni have sent their own children to BNS. It is always so much fun for a grandparent when they return with their grandchild. As a parent cooperative, the continued success and longevity of the school is due to the commitment and hard work of now two generations of parents. Thank you for being part of our history.